33 Best Christian Songs About Heaven

Best Christian Songs About Heaven

Christian music has long celebrated the hope and anticipation of heaven, offering a glimpse into the joys and promises that await believers. Here are our top picks for the best Christian songs about heaven; all capture the idea of eternal glory.


1. “One Day (When We All Get to Heaven)” By Matt Redman

One Day When We All Get to Heaven By Matt Redman

Song Year: 2017

“One Day” is a great song to listen to when feeling down and out about your current circumstances. It stirs up anticipation and describes a coming day when all believers will gather in heavenly glory.

It captures the longing for a time when every tear will be wiped away, and all pain and sorrow will cease. The song emphasizes the unity of the redeemed, as they joined together to worship in the presence of God in perfect harmony.

2. “I Can Only Imagine” By MercyMe

Song Year: 2001

“I Can Only Imagine” is one of the best Christian songs about heaven, providing a poignant and introspective perspective.

The song paints a vivid picture of the transformative experience believers hope to have when they stand in the presence of God, leaving them wondering whether they'll dance, sing, fall to their needs, or simply stand there in awe.

3. “There Will Be a Day” By Jeremy Camp

Song Year: 2008

This ballad is a powerful song that instils hope and reassurance in the hearts of believers. It acknowledges the difficulties and trials experienced in Life but emphasizes the biblical promise of a better eternal future.

It encourages listeners to preserve through challenges knowing that a day will come when all pain, sorrow, and tears will be replaced by joy and peace for eternity.

4. “Home” By Chris Tomlin

Song Year: 2016

“Home” is a lovely song that eloquently talks about how the world isn't what it was initially intended to be. Tomlin sings about not acknowledging Earth as his home, but he knows heaven is waiting.

He describes heaven as a destination free from the world's trials and tribulations. It beckons them to find solace in the promise of heaven, where they will be embraced in the loving presence of God.

5. “Heaven Song” By Phil Wickham

Song Year: 2009

The lyrics of this beautiful song vividly portray deep anticipation and restlessness within the soul, yearning for greener pastures, higher hills, and sweeter waters.

With emotional imagery, it tells the story of an individual eagerly awaiting the divine invitation to enter into the heavenly rest, overcome with joy and moved to tears at the thought of the glorious destiny that lies ahead.

6. “New Jerusalem” By Vertical Worship

Song Year: 2020

This track is not only a beautiful song but a biblical reference to a place described in the book of Revelations; the lyrics describe a city that comes down from heaven to dwell on the earth, with Jesus being at the center, dwelling with its inhabitants.

It portrays this place as a palace built on the promises of God, a haven of love and beauty. It speaks of the future where pure light and joy replace pain, tears, and darkness.

7. “Hymn of Heaven” By Phil Wickham

Song Year: 2021

“Hymn of Heaven” is a worshipful Christian song that expresses the yearning to experience the glory of heaven. The lyrics tell the listener that it would be amazing to breathe the heavenly air, where the pain is simply absent, and mercy fills the streets.

It highlights the profound desire to behold and walk with the one who sacrificed himself to bring salvation.

8. “Streets of Heaven” By Sherriè Austin

Song Year: 2003

“Streets of Heaven” is an emotionally charged song that delves into the heart-wrenching plea of a parent facing the possibility of losing their child.

The song reflects on the innocent wishes and dreams of the young girl, juxtaposing them with the harsh reality of her fragile existence. It talks about what heaven must be like assuming it would be crowded. The singer asks God to hold her little girl's hand when she crosses into heaven.

9. “Touch of Heaven” By Hillsong Worship

Touch of Heaven By Hillsong Worship

Song Year: 2018

“Touch of Heaven” is a passionate and reverent worship song about the desire for a profound encounter with God's presence. You get a sense of the singer's deep hunger for moments of stillness and intimacy with the lord, where all distraction fades away, and his voice becomes clear.

It conveys a willingness to surrender everything to live within the love of God and be transformed by his very being.

10. “I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven” By Keith Green

Song Year: 1983

This song expresses the anticipation for the beauty and glory of heaven. It reflects a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and acknowledges Jesus Christ's ongoing work of preparing a heavenly home for believers.

The lyrics highlight the contrast between the world's temporary and imperfect nature and heaven's eternal perfection.

11. “Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There” By Jennifer Hudson

Song Year: 2008

“Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There” is one of Jennifer Hudson's most powerful gospel songs. With a soulful and captivating voice, Jennifer Hudson conveys the message of longing for a place beyond earth where all sorrows and troubles cease to exist.

It's an uplifting anthem that celebrates the eternal hope in the promise of the heavenly home.

12. “Heaven's Now My Home” By Libby L. Allen

Song Year: 2012

This song speaks of the transition from earthly life to the forever home in heaven. It beautifully describes the journey into heaven, where the angels rejoice and the radiant face of God shines upon the singer.

 “Heaven's Now My Home” talks about the completion of a faithful life, the end of suffering, and the ultimate reunion with loved ones and eternity.

13. “When the Roll Is Up Yonder” By Johnny Cash

Song Year: 1975

If you're looking for a timeless gospel song about getting to Heaven, you are loved when the “Roll is Called Up Yonder” by icon Johnny Cash. The song speaks of the glorious day when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, signaling the end of time.

The lyrics talk about the long-awaited moment when the morning breaks eternal and the saved souls gather on the other shore.

14. “Live On Forever ” By The Afters

Song Year: 2016

Live on Forever is one of those uplifting and hopeful Christian songs about heaven that speaks to the challenges and darkness that may be experienced in life.

The song reflects on the transformative moment of passing from this life into the next. It discusses the beauty and wonder that awaits in heaven, where every breath will be filled with newness, colors will be more vibrant, and sounds will be like a heavenly symphony.

15. “The Holy Hills of Heaven” By Bill Gloria Gaither ft. Vestal Goodman

Song Year: 2000

The lyrics of this song depict the earthly existence as a temporary prison, symbolized by a house of flesh and bones that confines the souls. However, the song emphasizes the belief that this earthly prison will be transcended, and an angel will free the soul.

The hills symbolize a place of beauty, peace, and joy where loved ones are reunited and crowns are received.

16. “Here As In Heaven” By Elevation Worship

Here As In Heaven By Elevation Worship

Song Year: 2016

“Here As In Heaven” explores the profound influence of the holy spirit and its ability to transform our surroundings. It serves as a reminder that when we worship, we invite God's divine presence into our lives in the world around us.

The recurring refrain suggests that heaven is not merely a future destination but a present reality that can be experienced through worship.

17. “Homecoming” By Bethel Music

Song Year: 2021

“Homecoming” captures the essence of heaven, portraying a joyous reunion and celebration. The listener gets images of a jubilant environment where the Father finds and welcomes lost loved ones.

The imagery of crimson roles blooming roses and flowing tears evokes beauty and nostalgia.

An open tomb symbolizes victory over death, while children singing and dancing represent the innocence and happiness of heaven.

18. “Spirit Break Out” By Kim Walker-Smith

Song Year: 2012

“Spirit Break Out” revolves around the concept of Heaven by expressing the desire for the tangible presence of God on earth. The singer declares to God that all of heaven roars his name, and believers on earth will do the same thing, employing him to manifest his Kingdom in our world.

Overall, the song discusses the notion that heaven represents a state of spiritual transcendence where believers can forge a profound connection with God and feel his presence permeating their existence.

19. “The First Day In Heaven ” By The Imperials

Song Year: 1970

This delightful song talks about the joyous experience of stepping into heaven for the first time. The imagery depicts the celestial surroundings accompanied by golden avenues lined with magnificent mansions.

The air is filled with excitement and wonder as the saints greet you with warm smiles and friendly greetings.

20. ” There Is Coming a Day” By The Talleys

Song Year: 2015

“There is Coming a Day” paints a picture of a heavenly realm where joy and peace reign and believers will finally behold the face of Jesus, the one who saved them by his grace.

The song expresses the strong desire to be in the presence of Jesus, to gaze upon his face and experience the overwhelming love and redemption he offers. The lyrics speak of being led by His hand to the promised land, where eternal fellowship with him awaits.

21. “On That Day” By CityAlight

Song Year: 2022

“On That Day” speaks about believers who look forward to Jesus returning and the opportunity to worship Him all day long in heaven. It declares the victory of Christ over death and the longing to see Him shining brighter than the sun. 

The description of heaven itself is more straightforward in this song, as it is a place where all the angels and everyone will gather together to witness His eternal glory and sing His praises because He is worthy.

22. “Halls of Heaven ” By Jesus Culture

Song Year: 2017

As believers, we think of making it to heaven. It can be overwhelming. The song communicates the sense of being swept up by a powerful force or drawn toward a radiant light when encountering God.

The imagery of running through hallowed halls and entering the holy of holies evokes excitement and joy in the presence of the Almighty. The phrase “doors are flung wide open” indicates that access to God's presence is unlimited and available to all who seek it.

23. “There Is A Higher Throne ” By Keith and Kristyn Getty

Song Year: 2003

“There Is a Higher Throne” is a majestic hymn that conveys the concept of a heavenly throne and the hope of believers to one day stand before it. The song highlights the existence of a heavenly throne that surpasses all earthly thrones and kingdoms.

It speaks of a gathering of faithful individuals from every nation and language who will unite before the Son of God.

24. “Soon and Very Soon” By Andrae Crouch

Soon and Very Soon By Andrae Crouch

Song Year: 1991

“Soon and Very Soon” is a beautiful declaration of Christ's followers finally getting to see the King after living their earthly lives. The singer expresses that heaven will be magnificent without sorrow or pain.

He looks forward to the moment when he sees Jesus and remains with Him forever, thanking Him for what He did and laying his life down for the sins of His followers.

25. “The Holy City” By Mahalia Jackson

Song Year: 1960

The song begins with the joyful sound of children's voices singing, followed by an angelic response. This dream turns dark and transitions to the crucifixion, but it becomes hopeful. There's now a holy city beside a peaceful sea, which is a representation of heaven.

God's light illuminates the streets, and the gates are open to all who wish to enter. This city is called New Jerusalem, and it is a place of everlasting peace and happiness.

26. “Great Rejoicing” By Thad Cockrell

Song Year: 2008

“Great Rejoicing” is a song filled with the hope of a day when all the world's questions are answered and joy will prevail. He mentions that in heaven, the world's debts will be erased, and the burdens of the past are no longer relevant.

The song talks about the great rejoicing that will occur on the day we reach heaven and experience God's glory. The singer talks about a grand river and a huge reunion of the saints.

27. “All the Heavens” By Third Day

Song Year: 2000

The lyrics of this Christian song express that the vastness of the heavens cannot contain the Lord. He goes on to talk about his desire to hold onto God and to dwell with Him.

He wants to exalt God along with the angels and recognizes that there will come a day when he'll get to travel to heaven, where His throne resides.

28. “Majesty of Heaven” By Chris Tomlin

Song Year: 2010

“Majesty of Heaven” is a song about Jesus, and it talks about how He will have an eternal reign that begins when believers make it to heaven. He describes heaven as a place where His name is high and lifted, exalted above all others.

Tomlin also describes the amazement he'll have once he enters the presence of God. He says all nations will bow down before Jesus in heaven and worship Him as the world's savior.

29. “Prince of Heaven” By Hillsong Worship

Song Year: 2017

“Prince of Heaven” is about the description of Jesus and who He is, as well as His current dwelling place, heaven. The song discusses Jesus' worthiness and how all the earth's inhabitants are called to worship Him.

In heaven, he says we will all proclaim Jesus as the Prince of Peace, the hope of the world, and the one we'll remain with forever. Heaven is a place where mercy and love reign forever.

30. “Goin' Up Yonder” By Walter Hawkins

Song Year: 1975

“Goin' Up Yonder” is a song expressing the expectation and joy of going to be with the Lord. The lyrics declare the singer's destination and their eagerness to be in the presence of God. They affirm their belief that they will go to a heavenly place to be with the Lord.

It concludes by stating that if anyone asks about their destination, they will confidently declare that they are going up yonder to be with their Lord.

31. “Scars In Heaven ” By Casting Crowns

Song Year: 2020

Casting Crowns sings a moving song that explores the pain of loss and the hope found in eternal healing. The lyrics reflect on the regrets of not cherishing moments with a loved one before their passing.

It emphasizes the importance of treasuring time and relationships. It conveys the assurance that the scars of suffering and brokenness have no place in the eternal realm, where everything gets made new.

32. “When We See Your Face” By Sovereign Grace Music

Song Year: 2017

“When We See Your Face” expresses hope for a future encounter with God. The lyrics acknowledge the overwhelming darkness and the challenges faced in the world.

Despite this, the song affirms that when we see God's face, all doubts will fade away, and His glory will shine brightly, surpassing any earthly light in heaven, where everything is perfect, and Jesus will reign forever.

33. “No Night There” By Mahalia Jackson

No Night There By Mahalia Jackson

Song Year: 1964

“No Night There” describes a heavenly city with perpetual day and eternal joy. The lyrics depict a place beyond the limitations of time and darkness. It emphasizes this heavenly realm's absence of tears, death, pain, and fear.

The imagery of gates of pearl and streets of gold portrays the beauty and magnificence of this city. The song conveys the hope and assurance that God will wipe away all tears in this divine dwelling, and there will be no more sorrow.

Top Christian Songs About Heaven, Final Thoughts

As we conclude our journey through these inspiring Christian songs about heaven, we are reminded of the profound impact music can have on our faith and spiritual journey.

These songs have served as a powerful reminder of our eternal hope in Christ. May these melodies continue to encourage us as we navigate life's challenges, knowing that our ultimate destination is a place of everlasting joy and peace.

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