21 Best Christian Songs About Healing

Best Christian Songs About Healing

Everybody experiences difficult moments from time to time. Some have been through that, healed, and shared that experience through music. Below are the best Christian songs about healing. 

“Way Maker” by Sinach

“Way Maker” by Sinach

Song Year:  2015

“Way Maker” is a contemporary worship tune composed and recorded by Nigerian gospel artist Sinach. The track has numerous global covers by Christian music artists, including charting hit versions by Leeland, Michael W. Smith, Passion, and Mandisa.

This Christian song embodies the strong message of hope and healing. The lyrics highlight God’s everlasting faithfulness in our lives and the fact that He can create a path which you cannot see.

“Just One Touch” by Kim Walker-Smith

Song Year:  2017

Kim Walker-Smith is a well-known Christian performer recognized for her strong vocals and emotional lyrics. Kim released “Just One Touch” as part of her album Wild Heart, and the track quickly struck a chord with fans because of its message of faith and healing.

Lyrically, the song conveys Kim’s strong belief that God can cure with a single touch. The song is a reminder of God’s love and His desire to heal and restore anyone who calls out to Him.

“Battle Belongs” by Phil Wickam

Song Year:  2020

Singer and Songwriter Phil Wickam’s prayerful sentiments regularly express his love for God. He released “Battle Belongs” as the lead single of his 8th studio album, Hymn of Heaven.

This song borrows inspiration from one of Phil’s favorite Biblical tales, 2 Chronicles 20. The lyrics are a reassurance that God is greater than them all, no matter our difficulties. If we surrender our struggles and fears to him, remain steadfast, and maintain our stance, we can be confident that the Lord will fight the war for us.

“Cry Out to Jesus” by Third Day

Song Year:  2005

“Cry Out To Jesus” is a track composed and performed by the Christian rock band Third Day. Released as the 3rd single from the band’s 8th studio album, Wherever You Are, the song received a Gold certification by the RIAA in 2018.

Third Day’s lead singer Mac Powell claims he borrowed inspiration for this tune from a local family he knew who had lost their baby son. The lyrics are comforting and remind us that God is present, touching every life and meeting every need.

“Healing Rain” by Michael W. Smith

“Healing Rain” by Michael W

Song Year:  2004

Michael W. Smith is well-known for his prolific songwriting and a burning desire to transform people’s lives. He’s a pillar in the Christian community and beyond. One of his most popular tracks, released as the 2nd single and title track of his 19th album

The song is a testament to Smith’s strong belief in Jesus and his power to heal troubled souls. The sweet melody and powerful lyrics are comforting and reassuring for anybody who’s going through a tough time.

“Still” by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

Song Year:  2016

“Still” by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family is an uplifting tune that reassures listeners that God pays attention to their lives and will see them through life’s hardships. The track is about God’s power to comfort and heal us, even when feeling down.

It’s a reminder that regardless of what you’re going through, God is with you and will never leave. This track will uplift and encourage you in your time of need. The lyrics center around not giving up on happiness and trusting the Lord.

“God of Miracles” by Chris McCarney

Song Year:  2015

“God of Miracles” is the 3rd track on Chris McCarney’s debut live album, Everything and Nothing Less. This Christian song expresses faith in God’s ability to work miracles and heal.

It’s normal to feel hopeless and begin losing faith during trying times. McCarney brings reassurance with his heartful lyrics as he reassures listeners that God always intervenes in difficult situations. If you call out unto God, what might be impossible to humans, isn’t impossible for him.

“God’s Not Done With You” by Tauren Wells

Song Year:  2017

“God’s Not Done With You” is the 6th single by Christian Pop artist Tauren Wells from his debut studio album Hills and Valleys. The track peaked at #6 on the US Hot Christian Songs chart, becoming his 5th top 10 single.

Lyrically, this song is for anybody who feels unqualified because of their previous shame and guilt to affirm that God is capable. God is a master architect who specializes in building on what remains in your life. If all you have is ruins, God will use them to recreate His good design for your life.

“Nothing Is Impossible” by Planetshakers

Song Year:  2008

“Nothing Is Impossible” is a track by the Australian worship band Planetshakers. Released as the lead single and title track of a live album, this song quickly became a hit in the Christian community.

This song is an anthem for the broken spirit as the lyrics encourage listeners to believe in God to work out what seems impossible. The blend of vocals between Planetshakers lead singer Joth Hunt and Israel Houghton truly adds to the dynamic of this track.

“Come as You Are” by Crowder

Song Year:  2014

There’s nothing that cannot be treated in God’s eyes. Irrespective of how shattered and bruised you feel or how damaged you think you are, God can cure it all.

“Come As You Are” by Crowder reminds us that we don’t have to pretend to be somebody we’re not, wear masks, or hide! Put all your fears and worries aside and turn unto the Lord in your current state because His Love is unconditional.

“What Faith Can Do” by Kutless

“What Faith Can Do” by Kutless

Song Year:  2009

“What Faith Can Do” is one of the Christian rock band’s Kutless signature songs. The band released the track as the lead single of their 6th studio album called It Is Well. It is the band’s inaugural #1 track on the Hot Christian Songs chart and topped it for eight weeks.

The track encourages listeners that God’s power is real. He is always there in times of difficulty and happiness. Consequently, it has become an inspirational banner tune for anybody struggling with major life issues or battles.

“God of All My Days” by Casting Crowns

Song Year:  2016

Only Christ can restore a broken heart and give you the strength to carry on. Those tough memories and life’s scars might still linger. However, putting your heart in God’s hands will give you hope for the future. He absolves us of our past, and we get a new start.

Casting Crowns’ embody this message of finding healing and comfort in God with the song “God Of All My Days.” Released as the 6th single from the album, The Next Very Thing reminds us that God is always with us, ready and capable of healing us if we allow him.

“Cry of the Broken” by Hillsong Worship

Song Year:  2011

Since their debut album in the late 80s, Hillsong Worship has released a catalogue of amazing Christian music. “Cry Of The Broken” is one of the standout tracks of their 20th album, God Is Able.

Lyrically, this song captures the sincere cries of those who are broken and need God’s healing. The singer projects a humbling dependence on God’s grace and mercy. This track will uplift and encourage you in your time of need.

“Sleep in the Storm” by Unspoken

Song Year:  2016

“Sleep In The Storm” is a Christian song by the band Unspoken. Composed by Jon Lowry, Chris Stevens, Chad Mattson, and Tedd Tjornhom, the band released the song as part of their album Follow Through (Deluxe Edition).

The song borrows inspiration from the Biblical tale, where Jesus was asleep amid an actual storm. Lyrically, it encourages listeners to find peace amidst life’s ups and downs. The singer encourages us to trust the Lord as he can weather even the harshest storm.

“There Was Jesus” by Zach Williams ft. Dolly Parton

Song Year:  2019

After years of drug addiction, Zach William’s life changed as he grew closer to God. At that moment, he understood that only the Lord was superior. Borrowing inspiration from his past life, Williams partnered with Jonathan Smith and Casey Beathard to compose “There Was Jesus.”

Williams featured Dolly Parton on this track, who brings an amazing voice and country music vibe to the track.

“Overwhelmed” by Big Daddy Weave

Song Year:  2014

“Overwhelmed” is a single by the Christian rock group Big Daddy Weave. The song was released as the last single of the group’s 7th studio album and was a huge commercial success. It debuted at #31 and peaked at #3 on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart.

This song resonates with people feeling hopeless and destroyed in spirit. The lyrics of this track remind believers that regardless of how huge their problems seem, the Lord is greater and can handle it all.

“Fighting for Me” by Riley Clemmons

“Fighting for Me” by Riley Clemmons

Song Year:  2021

Named as one of SoundExchange’s Top 20 Breakout Artists of 2018, Riley Clemmons has become one of the most promising young gospel artists. Riley has a pop sound enhanced with spiritual depth, which is uncommon for artists in her age bracket.

As a follow-up to her well-received self-titled debut album, Riley released the album Godsend in 2021. “Fighting For Me” is the 5th single on the album, and it solely expresses how God fights for our battles. It’s a song that encourages listeners not to worry about their struggles and let God be their protector and fighter.

“Heal Me O Lord” by Don Moen

Song Year:  1995

“Heal Me O Lord” is a heartfelt and powerful tune by Don Moen, a well-known Christian songwriter and worship leader. Released as part of the album Rivers of Joy, this song has become a staple in Christian churches for praising the Almighty.

As the title suggests, “Heal Me O Lord” is a genuine plea for God’s mercy. The singer requests God to bring him emotional, physical, and mental healing. If you feel shattered and want something to uplift your soul, this song is for you.

“I Lift My Hands” by Chris Tomlin

Song Year:  2010

“I Lift My Hands” is a Christian worship tune by Chris Tomlin. Released as the 3rd single from his 6th studio album, And If Our God Is For Us…, the song became Tomlin’s 4th #1 song on the Hot Christian Song chart.

Lyrically, the song expresses a strong desire to honor and worship God. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to, enticing listeners to raise their hands in worship. Tomlin reminds us that God is omnipresent, even amid trying circumstances, and that we can find solace and courage in Him.

“Healer” by Hillsong Worship

Song Year:  2008

“Healer” is a contemporary song composed by Australian evangelical Christian and songwriter Michael Guglielmucci. Hillsong Worship released the track as the 8th single of their 17th studio album, This Is Our God.

Michael composed this song because he wanted God to free him from his pornography addiction, but he hid it behind the lie of a fabricated disease. The lyrics are touching, making “Healer” a great listen if you want to lift your spirit and erase doubts about God’s power.

“The Name of Jesus” by Chris Tomlin

“The Name of Jesus” by Chris Tomlin

Song Year:  2010

“The Name Of Jesus” is a powerful worship song by renowned Christian singer-songwriter Chris Tomlin. Tomlin worked with co-writers Ed Cash, Kristian Stanfill, Daniel Carson, and Ed Cash to create a song with moving lyrics about God’s power.

The song emphasizes the authority in the Lord’s name. The singer proclaims the redemption and joy that comes if you trust God with your worries. This song’s hearty lyrics and melody invite believers into worship and encourages them to come closer to God and find hope in his love.

Top Christian Songs About Healing, Final Thoughts

It’s easy to feel God has forsaken us in our most turbulent times. However, you should fear or worry not, for the Lord is always with you. Whether you want healing, comfort, or simply a reminder to have faith and trust in God, the best gospel songs about healing highlighted in this guide are sure to give you the reassurance you need.

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