21 Best Bugzy Malone Songs

Best Bugzy Malone Songs

Born in Manchester, England, in 1990, Bugzy Malone is a British rapper and actor known for his hard-hitting lyrics, energetic live performances, and outspoken views on social issues.

In this article, we'll discuss the top Bugzy Malone songs ever.

1. “Out Of Nowhere” by Bugzy Malone and TeeDee

Song Year: 2022

Bugzy Malone teamed with Sheffield-based producer TeeDee to make this hard-hitting, upbeat track.

It deviates from Bugzy Malone's traditional grime songs, showing the rapper's versatility and ability to write in different music styles.

The song has a bass house backing track, and Malone raps about his road to success and working hard.

2. “M.E.N.” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2015

M.E.N. was one of the first Bugzy Malone songs and an early commercial hit.

The song has a slower beat and a classic grime sound, with lyrics depicting his early rise to fame in Manchester.

He followed up the song with two sequels, M.E.N. II and M.E.N. III, in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

3. “Beauty and the Beast” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2016

Beauty and the Beast was one of Bugzy Malone's first breakthrough tracks.

The lyrics tell of his complicated relationship with his girlfriend and how he likens their story to the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

However, the song is upbeat, and the hook concludes with him promising his girlfriend he'll come home.

4. “Energy” by Bugzy Malone and Mist

Song Year: 2022

Energy is a long-awaited collaboration between Bugzy Malone and MIST, a fellow rapper from Birmingham.

The two northern UK grime artists wrote this track together, combining their smooth lyrical flows with house and garage beats.

The song is a hyped-up dance track, and the lyrics encourage listeners to go crazy and tap into their inner energy.

5. “Memory Lane” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2017

This song is a sad, hard-hitting track and features orchestral sounds and a dark bass beat.

It's a personal track, discussing Malone's past and feeling lost, but it's also a homage to his city. The chorus draws from classic Manchester 90s hit Wonderwall by Oasis.

Malone recruited fellow Manchester musician Tom Grennan to sing the hook, a somber spiel about looking back on memories.

6. “Ordinary People” by Bugzy Malone and JB Cooper

Song Year: 2018

Bugzy Malone returns to his roots with Ordinary People, a fast-paced song about growing up in Manchester in poverty.

Along with singer JB Cooper, Malone details a life of struggle and hardship, leading to an uplifting message about strength and resilience.

7. “Boxes Of Bush” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2021

Bugzy Malone wrote Boxes Of Bush for the 2020 film, The Gentlemen. It's a fast, hectic song, but Malone hits each complicated rap couplet with his practiced ease.

The track has a gritty, dark backing track, matching Malone's heavy lyrics about drug dealing.

8. “Moving” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2016

Moving is a motivational anthem about overcoming adversity and staying positive through challenges.

Like many of his lyrics, this song depicts Bugzy's past. He details his experience in prison and his path from poverty to wealth.

The song has a mellow backing track and features layered vocals from Malone.

9. “Don't Cry” by Bugzy Malone, and Dermot Kennedy

Song Year: 2021

Malone suffered injuries after a motorbike accident in 2020 and almost lost his life. In Don't Cry, he tells the story of his remarkable recovery.

With a catchy hook, poignant lyrics, and a feature from singer Dermot Kenny, Don't Cry is an encouraging anthem about soldiering through difficulties.

10. “Kilos” by Bugzy Malone feat. Aitch

“Kilos” by Bugzy Malone feat. Aitch

Song Year: 2019

Bugzy Malone loves to collaborate with other artists from Manchester. He found a partner in Aitch, a new-generation grime rapper, for this 2019 track.

The collaboration resulted in a peppy, fast-moving track with a catchy guitar riff and lyrics depicting drug dealing and upward mobility.

The song hit the No. 1 spot on the UK R&B chart.

11. “All Of Me (Do For Love)” by Bugzy Malone, Blinkie, and Star.One

Song Year: 2023

Bugzy Malone's All Of Me (Do For Love) is a collaboration track with fellow artists Blinky and Star One.

It's a fun, summer-vibes hit reminiscent of some of Malone's older dance tracks.

He pays homage to the upbeat sounds of UK garage, a genre popular in the 90s, and raps about being committed in a relationship.

12. “Facing Time” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2016

Facing Time is a raw and honest track, delivered with Malone's smooth lyrical precision.

The music provides a tense, uneasy motif that underscores Malone's lyrics, which discuss his past in prison and how his current life feels like a prison sentence.

13. “Bruce Wayne” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2017

Malone is a fan of Batman, and the superhero often finds his way into Malone's songs.

In this track, Malone talks about how he feels like Bruce Wayne, dressed in black and taking down the competition.

14. “Warning” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2018

From his fourth album, the song Warning is a cry to Bugzy Malone's critics, telling them to watch out because he's on the rise.

In this hard-hitting, aggressive track, Malone reminds listeners of his rough beginnings and how life in poverty taught him to fight hard.

15. “December” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2019

Malone sets the record straight about his past in December, a nostalgic track that takes you back to his early days.

Alongside a hard-hitting beat and choir vocals, Malone talks about his birth, path to success, mental health, and religious influences.

16. “The Resurrection” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2021

The Resurrection is the opening song to Bugzy Malone's hit 2021 album of the same name. It's dark and bleak, setting the tone for the rest of the tracks.

He wrote this poignant song about his relationship with his mother and how he resurrected that relationship after a difficult few years.

17. “King Of The North” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2021

The rapper has earned his nickname King of the North due to his influence on Northern UK grime and hip hop.

In this up-tempo electric track, Malone raps about why he's the king- from his fashion sense to how he inspires the next generation.

18. “Late Night In The 0161” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2016

0161 is the phone area code of Malone's hometown of Manchester.

The song depicts the violence he grew up around in the city, and Malone reflects on how he loves Manchester, despite its flaws.

The tune is a frantic, energetic track with dissonant electronic sounds.

19. “War Mode” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2021

War Mode is a trap banger with a dark and aggressive sound. The lyrics are about Malone's determination to succeed and willingness to fight for what he believes in.

Malone raps about his humble beginnings and sends a message to his critics, telling them he's fearless, warlike, and unstoppable.

20. “Skeletons” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2021

This track has a slower pace, and the lyrics are about Malone's struggles, from depression and anxiety to intrusive thoughts.

He raps about how he has overcome these challenges and is now in a better place. He also sends a message of hope to listeners, telling them they are not alone and that they can overcome their struggles.

21. “Die By The Gun” by Bugzy Malone

Song Year: 2018

Die By The Gun is a rap track with a catchy backing tune. It's about Malone's experiences with violence and gang culture.

He raps about the dangers of living in a world where violence is a constant threat and urges listeners to find a way to escape the cycle of violence.

The song was a commercial success, peaking at number 10 on the UK Singles Chart.

Top Bugzy Malone Songs, Final Thoughts

One of the leading lights of the grime scene, Malone is a vocal advocate for social justice, speaking out against violence, poverty, and discrimination.

His music combines the sounds of UK garage, grime, and electronic, and his lyrics encourage listeners to make the world a better place.

These Bugzy Malone songs prove he's a talented rapper, an outspoken activist, and a rising star in the entertainment industry. He is sure to continue to make waves in the years to come.

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