15 Best Breland Songs

Best Breland Songs

Breland is a new American country-trap sensation, making inroads among the genre's greats. Although he's relatively new on the block, the widespread acclaim, hype, and awards he's received so far have established him as one of country music's fastest-growing performers and most sought-after collaborators.

Here are the best Breland songs so far.

“My Truck”

Song Year:  2020

“My Truck” is Breland's breakout single that put him on the music charts. It's a well-crafted and intriguing piece demonstrating Breland's mix of musical inspirations and songwriting abilities.

In the song, Breland  is ready to let go of everything else in their life except their truck. The song's theme is timely, and it captures the attitude of youthful independence and rebellion.

The song's catchy melody and cheerful tempo make it a danceable and enticing piece that has become a popular anthem for lovers of country and hip-hop music.

“Throw It Back,” feat. Keith Urban

Song Year:  2021

“Throw It Back” is a standalone collaboration by Breland and Keith Urban, adding to the artist's extensive resume of superstar collaboration. It's about letting go and having a wonderful time regardless of what others think. Instead of worrying about what others think, the song urges listeners to have fun and live in the present.

This song's production combines country and hip-hop elements to create a distinct and appealing sound. It starts with a basic acoustic guitar line, followed by a driving tempo, electronic components, and Keith Urban's characteristic electric guitar sound.

“Praise the Lord” feat. Thomas Rhett

Song Year:  2022

“Praise the Lord” is a standalone track by the new king of collabs, Breland, featuring Thomas Rhett. This track combines southern rock and R&B elements to create an anthem about enjoying the little things in life. The unexpected yet stellar collaboration is catchy, with the two stars tapping into their entertainer sides.

“Praise the Lord” recounts the tale of two people who are going through personal struggles but find comfort in their faith. The song's theme is hope and redemption, encouraging listeners to believe in greater power and hold their heads high during adversities.

“Beers on Me” by Dierks Bentley feat. Breland & HARDY

Song Year:  2021

Breland teamed up with Dierks Bentley and Hardy to release this hit country song. This all-star collaboration went viral for its seamless blend of country music with unique upbeat rap and rock music elements.

This track opens with a classic country vibe with infectious lyrics and a pleasantly moderate beat before transitioning into a highly frenetic mash-up of styles. The lyrics in “Beers On Me” center around having fun with friends and buying them drinks to relax and forget their problems.

“Cross Country” feat. Mickey Guyton

Song Year:  2021

“Cross Country” is the eleventh title track on Breland's studio album. Like the rest of the album, loaded with duets, this song has one of the biggest features in Mickey Guyton. Many talents, including Breland, Corey Crowder, Ashley Gorley, and Jesse Frasure, partnered in penning this country hit.

This tune is an exuberant harmonic highlight of the album, with Breland trading vocals with the euphonious-voiced Mickey Guyton. The song portrays the story of the vocalists looking for a place to belong, which is an appropriate time for two misfits in the country genre.

“Told You I Could Drink” feat. Lady A

Song Year:  2022

Breland partners with nice vocals by Lady A in “Told You I Could Drink,” a standalone single that's become a sensation in the pop music scene. This track is a well-executed melding of country, pop, and hip-hop elements, featuring a catchy tempo, melodic guitar riffs, and electronic accents that give it a modern edge.

The song demonstrates Breland's songwriting abilities and his ability to cooperate with other musicians to produce an engaging and passionate sound. The theme of heartbreak and moving on “Told You I Could Drink” is receptive and universal, and it has struck a chord with fans worldwide.

“Beautiful Lies”

Song Year:  2022

In this standalone single, Breland showcases his talent as a solo, unlike his popular collaborations with country superstars. As the title suggests, “Beautiful Lies” is a heartbreaking song depicting the distressing lies in relationships.

This song evokes a sense of introspection and reflection as Breland explores the anguish that comes with a breakup. Breland delivers these moving lyrics through powerful emotive vocals backed by a piano and sparse percussion, indicating a profound feeling of vulnerability and honesty.



Song Year:  2022

“Natural” is a sentimental love song in which Breland expresses his appreciation for his partner's natural characteristics, such as beauty and personality. It is a joyful and uplifting hymn that urges listeners to accept their actual selves and the inherent characteristics that distinguish them.

Breland co-wrote this song with Freddy Wexler and Corey Crowder. It contains a sample of Shania Twain's “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” therefore Twain and Robert “Mutt” Lange share written credits on the song. Twain's influence is felt in the song, which is an exuberant, country-flavored homage to a Southern girl.

“In The Woulds” feat. Chase Rice & Lauren Alaina

Song Year:  2020

Breland collaborated with two rockstars, Chase Rice and Lauren Alaina, in “In The Woulds,” a standout single from his debut EP, “BRELAND.” This catchy tune exhibits Breland's versatility, taking a lighthearted tale on classic country fused with pop and hip-hop elements.

“In The Woulds” lyrics extol the joy and companionship of interacting with friends and appreciating life's simple pleasures. The song has a catchy beat, twangy guitars, and electronic accents that give it a modern feel.

“Here For It” feat. Ingrid Andress

Song Year:  2022

Breland linked with the lovely Ingrid Andress in “Here For It,” an upbeat tune that the duo co-wrote with Will Weatherly. The song is fun, beautifully celebrating life with country and pop overtones, with Breland and Ingrid trading verses.

“Here For It” is about living in the moment and being open to new life experiences. It encourages listeners to live life to the fullest and not shun from trying new things. This message is echoed in the music video, depicting Breland and Andress having fun and exploring various locations.

“Miles” feat. Tiera

Song Year:  2021

“Miles” is a country-pop crossover song written by Tiera and Breland and produced by Breland, Nick Bailey, and Audien. The two country newbies swap verses and sing over a lighter-than-air, breezy melody in this beautiful song.

This song is about a relationship that has struck a snag, and the pair are attempting to work things out. With a catchy tune and lively sound, the song combines country and pop music elements.

“High Horse” by Nelly feat. Breland & Blanco Brown

Song Year:  2021

As Breland's reputation grew, he continued to cooperate with big-name performers. In 2021, he landed one of his biggest collaborations, joining hands with award-winning rapper Nelly and country prodigy Blanco Brown on the single “High Horse.”

This song is from Nelly's debut country album, “Heartland,” featuring a disco-pop melody complimented by a funky hip-hop groove. The song is about a lady who believes she is better than everybody else and has a high opinion of herself. Still, the singer is uninterested and chooses to move on.

“Somebody” by Jimmie Allen ft. Breland & Lathan Warlick

Song Year:  2021

“Somebody” is a three-way joint single by star artists Jimmie Allen, Breland, and Warlick that was released in 2021 and quickly became a rap and rock music fan favorite.

The song revolves around the idea of looking for affection and companionship, with the three acts taking turns singing verses and harmonizing in the chorus. Breland's characteristic mix of country and hip-hop elements can be felt in his verse, which gives a distinct flavor to the track's overall vibe.

“All I See” by Gary LeVox ft. Breland

Song Year:  2021

Breland collaborates with Rascal Flatts' lead singer Gary LeVox on a heartfelt Contemporary Christian song that speaks to many people. It depicts many believers' struggles when engulfed by stress, uncertainty, and worry.

The upbeat tempo and infectious melody make the song entertaining and easy to listen to, while the lyrics are passionate and inspiring. “All I See” highlights LeVox's strong voice and Breland's unique rap-singing style, resulting in a distinct and engaging combination of country and hip-hop elements.


Song Year:  2020

“Horseride” is a captivating country rap tune demonstrating Breland's artistic flexibility. He quickly alters flows and vocal styles, rhyming with a faint country accent one minute and bold execution the next, as he croons about his love interests on a romantic horseback.

BRELAND showcases his R&B-inspired voice by delivering witty lyrics over a captivating trap instrumental. The lyrics are full of creative wordplay and pop culture references, such as references to Beyonce's “Crazy in Love” and the classic Western film “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

Top Breland Songs, Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading our exciting compilation of Breland's best hits. Breland is a new name in the music scene that broke into stardom with his debut album “My Truck.” This album went viral on social media, drawing new millennial and Gen Z fans into country music with a breath of fresh air to the genre.

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