11 Best Blueface Songs

Best Blueface Songs

Looking for the best Blueface songs? This is what we’ve got for you today. From his street anthems to chart-topping hits, let’s get into the biggest songs from this West Coast rapper.

1. “Daddy” by Blueface ft. Rich The Kid

“Daddy” by Blueface ft

Song Year: 2019

Blueface and Rich The Kid join forces in the electrifying collaboration “Daddy.” Released in 2019, the track showcases the artists' energetic and charismatic styles.

The rappers use their time to talk about their lavish lifestyles and boast about their prowess with women. The song features a catchy hook and a fun danceable beat. You can hear the fun and chemistry from the rappers during every verse and the song is a clinic on how to rap as a duo.

2. “Outside (Better Days)” by Blueface, OG Bobby Billions

Song Year: 2021

“Outside (Better Days)” gives Blueface and OG Bobby Billions a chance to give us a personal and introspective track.

The duo uses their lyrics to talk about the hardships in life. The rappers intertwine their flows with a captivating chorus from a local choir. Backed by a melancholic yet uplifting beat, “Outside (Better Days)” offers a glimpse into the artist's vulnerability and determination to rise above their circumstances.

3. “Obama” by Blueface ft. DaBaby

Song Year: 2020

Blueface joins forces with DaBaby in the lively collaboration, “Obama,” where they lyrically navigate the realms of presidents, wealth, and luxury brands. From drinking champagne from bottles to Gucci outfits, the rappers boast about their wealth and power.

The song is a comedic take on being president. In the video, Blueface and DaBaby, accompanied by Reggie Brown impersonating former president Barack Obama, playfully engage in exaggerated scenarios within a White House-like setting, pushing boundaries by humorously “ordering” Obama to do audacious acts like legalizing weed.

4. “Respect My Cryppin’” by Blueface ft. Snoop Dogg

Song Year: 2018

“Respect My Cryppin'” showcases Blueface's allegiance to his gang affiliation, the Crips. Released in 2018, the song highlights his pride and demands recognition for his dedication to the Crip lifestyle. Blueface's distinctive flow and unapologetic lyrics serve as a declaration of his loyalty and demand for respect within his community.

Snoop Dogg adds his signature style and rhyme style to add to the legitimacy of the song. While the song was not a commercial hit, the song is still an underground favorite of Blueface.

5. “Thotiana” by Blueface ft Cardi B

Song Year: 2019

Cardi B lends her skills on this track to help Blueface break into the pop charts. “Thotiana” was a chart-topper for the duo and peaked at number eight on the US pop charts while reaching number four on the R&B charts. This collaboration elevated the song's chart success and solidified Blueface's place in the rap industry.

Cardi's fiery presence added an extra layer of dynamism to the already infectious track while Blueface delivers a deep and sultry rhyme flow over the beat.

6. “TikTok” by Blueface

“TikTok” by Blueface

Song Year: 2021

Trending on TikTok is an essential tool for any rapper, and Blueface showcases his fun and comedic skills on this track to prove he’s an expert at social media.

“TikTok” is a party anthem designed for social media influencers. If you want to look cook dancing on the platform, this song has the perfect danceable beat. The track's bouncy and catchy beat sets the stage for a vibrant and lively atmosphere, inviting listeners to join in on the TikTok craze

7. “Bleed It” by Blueface

Song Year: 2018

“Bleed It” shows he can deliver hard and gritting rhymes on this track. “Bleed It,” tells a story of a perilous lifestyle while being affiliated with West Coast gangs. With its raw and menacing energy, “Bleed It” offers a glimpse into Blueface's reality and his ability to convey the harsh realities of street life through his music.

The rapper vividly describes the harsh realities of his environment, showcasing a street-oriented narrative. Blueface emphasizes the violence and risks associated with his lifestyle, with lines referencing gunplay, street credibility, and his ability to navigate the treacherous streets.

8. “Hello” by Blueface

Song Year: 2023

Blueface uses “Hello” to tell a dark and dismissive story about many of the women he’s encountered over the years. He’s had countless negative experiences while touring and rapping.

The song uses a smooth and soulful instrumental which is a stark counter to the negativity in the lyrics.

9. “Holy Moly” by Blueface ft. NLE Choppa

Song Year: 2019

Blueface reunites with NLE Choppa in the explosive collaboration, “Holy Moly,” where they cleverly draw comparisons between weapons and donuts while showcasing their extravagant fashion sense.

The song's title pays homage to the “Holy Moly Donuts” segment from the film “Friday After Next” (2002), which is sampled in the song's intro and referenced throughout.

“Holy Moly” was a major viral sensation on TikTok for the rapper and millions of listeners showed off their dance moves to this hypnotic beat.

10. “Bussin” by Blueface ft. Lil Pump

Song Year: 2019

Blueface and frequent collaborator Mike Crook join forces with Lil Pump and renowned producer Scott Storch on the single, “Bussin.” This track brings together the energetic styles of Blueface and Lil Pump, fueling speculation and excitement among fans.

The collaboration has been a topic of discussion since Lil Pump expressed interest in remixing Blueface's “Dead Locs.” The song features a bouncy yet deep beat and both rappers give us energetic and fun performances. This combination makes “Bussin” a dancefloor anthem that you can expect to hear in nightclubs for ages.

11. “Bop” by Blueface ft. Tyga, YG

Song Year: 2019

Blueface joins forces with fellow rap heavyweights Tyga and YG in the infectious collaboration, “Bop.” Released in 2019, this high-energy track combines the artists' dynamic flows and catchy hooks to create an undeniable party anthem. With its lively beat and infectious energy, “Bop” invites listeners to let loose and hit the dance floor.

Blueface, Tyga, and YG deliver confident and braggadocious verses, showcasing their lyrical prowess and undeniable star power. The song's success lies in its ability to capture the essence of a good time, making it a favorite for fans of West Coast rap and those who appreciate a solid banger.

12. “Moonwalking in Calabasas” by DDG ft. Blueface

“Moonwalking in Calabasas” by DDG ft

Song Year: 2020

West Coast rapper Blueface delivers a mesmerizing verse that perfectly encapsulates his unique style and magnetic presence on DDG’s track “Moonwalking in Calabasas.”

Released in 2020, this song quickly climbed the charts, captivating listeners with its infectious energy and catchy hooks. Blueface's lyrical content exudes a sense of confidence and swagger, accompanied by a pulsating beat that intertwines with his slick flow flawlessly.

Top Blueface Songs, Final Thoughts

Thank you for delving into the world of Blueface's music with us. From his unique flow to his captivating presence, Blueface has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape. We hope this list of his best songs has provided an enjoyable journey through his discography. Stay tuned for more captivating music from this talented artist.

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