19 Famous Bhojpuri Songs

Famous Bhojpuri Songs

The Bhojpuri language is one of the 121 languages spoken in India, but there are also Bhojpuri speakers in Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mauritius.

Due to the diversity that exists between different Bhojpuri communities, Bhojpuri music reflects a wide range of cultural influences.

Let’s look at some of the most famous Bhojpuri songs ever.

“Laga Ke Fair Lovely” by Khesari Lal Yadav and Ritu Singh

Song year: 2017

“Laga Ke Fair Lovely” is arguably one of the most famous Bhojpuri songs of all time, with more than 73 million views on YouTube.

It's an upbeat dance track that mixes pop and EDM. There is also a strong influence from the Hindi entertainment industry.

The song is a duet, but most of the lyrics are from the perspective of a man who is admiring a woman's body. The lyrics celebrate youth and the joy of dancing.

“Sorry Sorry” by Pawan Singh

Song year: 2016

“Sorry Sorry” is one of the most famous Bhojpuri songs, with more than 71 million views on YouTube. This hit is a catchy love song where Pawan Singh apologizes for not being able to get over his love for a woman.

The song uses a pop-inspired beat and is the perfect dance track with its upbeat tempo and use of traditional Bhojpuri rhythms.

“Lut Gaye” by Pawan Singh

Song year: 2021

Pawan Singh is a Bhojpuri superstar with over 60 film credits. He also released commercially successful singles in Hindi and Bhojpuri.

“Lut Gaye” is a Bhojpuri love song that has received over 25 million views on YouTube. The song is about falling in love, and the lyrics mostly describe the beauty of the woman the singer is falling for.

“Lollipop Lagelu” by Samuel Singh

Song year: 2019

With “Lollipop Lagely,” Samuel Singh released a catchy dance track about a beautiful girl. The lyrics describe her dancing and use of lipstick.

This fun song showcases Samuel Singh's unique background. The artist sings in Bhojpuri, but he is originally from Nigeria. His music is a unique mix of Bhojpuri rhythms and Afro beats. His singing features some elements of Western pop, but there are also some reggae and hip-hop influences.

“Palang Sagwan Ke” by Khesari Lal Yadav and Indu Sonali

Song year: 1998

“Palang Sagwan Ke” is a duet that appeared in the classic Bhojpuri movie Doli Saja Ke Rakhna. The movie tells the story of a boy who falls in love with a girl, but his timidity prevents him from approaching her and results in a miscommunication with her family.

This upbeat movie song celebrates their love. The track is a fun dance song with some strong EDM influences, even though it retains some elements of traditional Bhojpuri music.

“Saiyan Mile Larkaiya” by Malini Awasthi

Song year: 2009

Malini Awasthi is an influential Bhojpuri artist who often performs at traditional festivals. She also judged a popular Bhojpuri music reality show called Sur Sangram.

“Saiyan Mile Larkaiya” is a traditional folk song. The lyrics tell the story of a girl who married a boy at a young age. The song shows how the young bride quickly grows in maturity while the boy remains a child.

“Lahariya Luta Ae Raja” by Indu Sonali

Song year: 2016

Indu Sonali is one of the most recognizable voices in the Bhojpuri film industry. This talented playback singer has worked on over 300 movies, and several of her tracks became commercial successes.

“Lahariya Luta Ae Raja” appeared in the 2016 action movie Pratigya 2. The movie tells the story of a policeman who infiltrates a gang of criminals to avenge his family. The song's upbeat tempo and EDM influences match the fast-paced action scenes of the movie.

“Sawarka Re” by Antra Singh Priyanka

Song year: 2022

“Sawarka Re” is a recent Bhojpuri song from Antra Singh Priyanka, a popular playback singer. The song has a catchy tune and a fun, upbeat tempo.

The composition is an interesting mix of hip-hop and pop, but it also uses traditional Indian strings and features some Latin-inspired beats. It's a noteworthy example of how different musical genres have influenced Bhojpuri music.

“Baigun Bagee” by the Bhojpuri Boys

Song year: 2020

“Baigun Bagee” is one of the most famous Bhojpuri songs, thanks to the popularity of the Bhojpuri Boys in Mauritius.

The track is a fun dance song with a fast tempo. It uses a Latin-inspired rhythm, but it's also reminiscent of Sega or Seggae music which is an integral part of Mauritian culture.

“Dhani Ho Khol Na Kevdiya” by Manoj Tiwari

Song year: 1998

“Dhani Ho Khol Na Kevdiya” is one of the best Bhojpuri songs of the 1990s, with its slow and relaxing tempo. The song uses traditional Bhojpuri instruments, including drums and strings.

Manoj Tiwali is a noteworthy artist from Uttar Pradesh. After a successful career as an actor and playback singer, he went into politics and currently serves as a Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha.

“Lachke Kamariya Tohar Lahe Lahe” by Khesari Lal Yadad and Kajal Raghwani

"Lachke Kamariya Tohar Lahe Lahe" by Khesari Lal Yadad and Kajal Raghwani

Song year: 2017

“Lachke Kamariya Tohar Lahe Lahe” is one of the most famous Bhojpuri songs released in recent years. It appeared in the movie Mai Sehra Bandh Ke Aaunga, a romantic movie that tells the story of a man who must fight for the love of a woman.

The song is a duet between the two main characters. It features elements of traditional Bhojpuri music, but the introduction evokes rap and hip-hop music.

“I Tor Sahan” by Raj Mohan

Song year: 2012

Raj Mohan is a Dutch singer of Surinami origin who stands out thanks to his unique use of the Suriname Bhojpuri language in his songs. His music is a melodic blend of modern pop and traditional Ghazal poetry.

“I Tor Sahan” is a song that uses traditional Indian percussion along with Western-inspired guitar playing.

“Apni To Jaise Taise” by Khesari Lal Yadav and Shilpi Raj

Song year: 2021

“Apni To Jaise Taise” is a classic Bollywood hit from the 1981 movie Laawaris. The original version of the song is a Hindi track performed by Kishore Kumar.

This modern cover in Bhojpuri from Khesari Lal Yadav and Shilpi Raj brings the classic 80s song into a new era with a slightly faster tempo and a vocal performance inspired by modern pop songs.

“Hari Hari Odhani” by Pawan Singh and Dimpal Singh

Song year: 2022

“Hari Hari Odhani” is a recent Bhojpuri dance track full of energy. The duet is a fun song where a man approaches a girl who is wearing a green scarf. The song is mostly about describing the man's feelings.

This dance track is a modern example of Bhojpuri music, and it shows the strong influence of pop and EDM rhythms on this musical genre.

“Langaro” by the Bhojpuri Boys

Song year: 2008

“Langaro” is an upbeat Bhojpuri song from Mauritius. It showcases the Bhojpuri Boys' talent when it comes to composing catchy dance tracks.

The song uses rhythms inspired by Afro beats and traditional Mauritian music. There are also some elements that evoke rock music and show the Western influences of this versatile band.

“Kaise Badal Gaile Itna” by Raj Mohan

Song year: 2011

“Kaise Badal Gaile Itna” is a beautiful song by artist Raj Mohan. This track is noteworthy because Raj Mohan uses the Surinami version of the Bhojpuri language.

The song features many elements of folk music from the North of India, like drums and flutes. It's interesting to see how these elements made their way into the Suriname musical tradition. 

“Holi Khele Massane Mein” by Malini Awasthi

Song year: 2011

“Holi Khele Massane Mein” is a recording of a traditional folk song featured on Malini Awasthi's album Holi Hai.

The song is about the Hindu festival known as Holi. Holi takes place in the spring and is a celebration of life. During the festival, people light bonfires in a symbolic attempt to banish evil spirits. They also throw colored powders in the streets to represent life and fertility.

“Lehnga Mein Virus” by Indu Sonali

Song year: 1991

“Lehnga Mein Virus” is a fast-paced dance track with some strong EDM influences. It features an energetic vocal performance from Indu Sonali and shows how Bhojpuri music changed throughout the 80s and 90s to embrace pop music.

This upbeat track comes from the movie Rhanboomi, a film about a simple man from a small village who comes to the city and gets in trouble with a gangster.

“Dildaar” by Manoj Tiwari

Song year: 2022

“Dildaar” is a recent release from Manoj Tiwari. The track is a slow and introspective love song that features beautiful guitar playing. The result is similar to a soft rock track, but Manoj Tiwari's unique vocal style strongly evokes traditional Bhojpuri music.

The lyrics describe the feelings of a man who falls in love even though he wasn't expecting it. The song uses poetic images to describe the subject of his affection and his feelings of surprise.

Best Bhojpuri Songs, Final Thoughts

From the Bhojpuri movie industry to Mauritius, Bhojpuri songs illustrate how rich and diverse this language is. Bhojpuri artists are also creating beautiful music in a wide range of genres, from upbeat pop love tunes to traditional folk songs.

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