17 Best ArrDee Songs

Best ArrDee Songs

A native of Brighton, England, ArrDee entered the music scene in 2021. He's known for his catchy hooks, energetic live performances, and relatable lyrics.

We'll share the top ArrDee songs in this article, so read on!

1. “6 AM in Brighton” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

6 AM in Brighton was the lead single from ArrDee's debut studio album, Pier Pressure.

The song is an instant classic track with a catchy hook and a smooth beat, and the piece features UK drill artist Tion Wayne. The lyrics are about ArrDee's rise to fame and his experiences as a young rapper from the seaside town of Brighton.

2. “Come and Go” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

Come and Go is another of his biggest songs. The lyrics are about ArrDee's experiences with relationships and the fleeting nature of love.

He raps about being hurt by women in the past, how he is now hesitant to commit to a relationship, and wanting to find someone who will love him for who he is.

3. “Flowers” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

In this song, ArrDee raps about how he loves being young and isn't ready to settle down, although he promises to bring flowers to the girl he's with.

The song was an instant success, with a catchy hook and a fun music video depicting different scenes around Brighton.

It peaked at number five on the UK charts and earned a platinum certification.

4. “Home For My Heart” by ArrDee and Cat Burns

Song Year: 2023

Home for My Heart by ArrDee and Cat Burns is a beautiful and heartfelt ballad about finding love and a place to belong. The song is a mid-tempo ballad with a soulful sound, and the track has a mellow backing track and a catchy guitar motif.

The song's lyrics are about the singer's journey to find a place where they feel loved and accepted. They celebrate the joy of finding that place in another person.

5. “Body” by Tion Wayne and ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

Arguably the first drill track to hit the mainstream, Body was a landmark song for ArrDee. He collaborated on the 2021 Tion Wayne track that garnered success on TikTok.

The song features a catchy hook and a hard-hitting beat, and it quickly became a hit in the UK drill scene and worldwide.

6. “War” by ArrDee and Aitch

Song Year: 2022

ArrDee is to the south of England what Aitch is to the north, and it was high time they collaborated on a track. The two young rappers met up and created War, a rowdy single in which they flaunt their prowess.

In the song, ArrDee and Aitch go head to head, bragging about their accomplishments and respective rises to success.

7. “Locker” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2022

In Locker, ArrDee raps about his current wealth and how he has more than enough now, despite being impoverished in the past.

A short, snappy song with a tense backing track, Locker is a powerful and moving piece about hope and determination, and it's a song that will resonate with anyone who has ever faced challenges in their life.

8. “Hello Mate” by ArrDee and Kyla

Song Year: 2022

The southern UK faced a searing heatwave in the summer of 2022, and ArrDee took the chance to write a fire summer hit about the weather.

This upbeat song is about partying and basking in the summer fun, and the music video featured him reveling in the sunny heat.

9. “Loser” by ArrDee

“Loser” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2022

ArrDee confronts his critics head-on in the 2023 track Loser. His lyrics are from the viewpoint of a hater that resents ArrDee's rise to the top.

The unique backing track combines drums, bass, and trumpet to provide a background to ArrDee's diss track, which reveals the rapper to be more successful than ever.

10. “ArrDee – Plugged In W/Fumez” by ArrDee and Fumez The Engineer

Song Year: 2021

Collaborating with Fumez is a rite of passage for UK drill rappers.

Plugged In W/Fumez is a freestyle rap series created by British DJ and record producer Fumez The Engineer, featuring up-and-coming and established rappers from the UK drill scene.

ArrDee brags about his accomplishments on this energetic drill track with Fumez.

11. “Oliver Twist” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

Oliver Twist is a drill track about his come-up from poverty to success.

The rapper compares his life to the fictional character Oliver Twist's, rapping about how he had to work hard and take risks to get to where he is today.

The song combined drill beats with a killer violin solo, gaining commercial and popular success. It reached number 11 on the UK Singles Chart.

12. “Wasted” by Digga D and ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

This song is a collaboration between Digga D and ArrDee. A classic drill track, it features a sample of the 1995 song I'm So Excited by The Pointer Sisters.

Wasted is about partying and having a good time. It's a perfect example of the current state of UK drill music and will be a hit with fans of the genre.

13. “Late Night Driving” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2022

A deviation from ArrDee's hyped-up party track, Late Night Driving is a poignant song about living a busy life.

In the song, ArrDee raps about working long days and spending late nights driving home to see the ones he loves. It features a soft guitar and violin track.

14. “Early Hours” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2022

ArrDee tones it down with this quieter track. It features gentle guitar and synthetic strings.

In Early Hours, ArrDee celebrates his accomplishments and rejoices in his success, which he credits to his hard work. He references his single, Oliver Twist, and raps about wanting more out of life and getting it.

15. “No Biggie” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2022

With No Biggie, ArrDee delivers a fun, peppy track that's easy to sing along to.

In the song, he raps about being from the Ocean City of Brighton and how he loves to party even when he's got a busy schedule.

16. “Jiggy (Whiz)” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

Jiggy (Whiz) is a drill song featuring Young Chenzee's production. An intense track with a catchy beat, it's a song about having fun at a party.

ArrDee raps about how he likes to have a good time with his mates and even gets a little tipsy.

17. “Cheeky Bars” by ArrDee

Song Year: 2021

A freestyle piece, Cheeky Bars gained so much success it helped ArrDee break into the mainstream in January 2021. The track has a simple drill track with signature guitar riffs.

In the song, ArrDee raps about being a kid in Brighton and struggling to brave the streets. However, he still carries his experiences with him as he's gained success now, and he doesn't forget it.

Top ArrDee Songs, Final Thoughts

A refreshing new voice in the UK music scene, ArrDee isn't afraid to speak his mind, and these top ArrDee songs touch on social issues such as poverty, crime, and mental health.

He is also a role model for young people, and he uses his platform to encourage listeners to follow their dreams.

ArrDee is a rising star in the music industry, and he is sure to continue to achieve success in the years to come.

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