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If you are involved in the music industry and want to write a How To guide for this site, please read this page in full.

Our primary reader base are independent musicians, although we also have signed musicians, managers, promoters, and all other types of music industry people reading our site. If you have some advice you’d like to share with our readers, you can now do so and get your work published on one of our music websites.

Benefits Of Writing For Our Music Website

Here is why it’ll be beneficial for you to write for us:

  1. You will get your writing published on a well respected music website. This is good for credibility.
  2. You article will be placed on a high traffic music website. This is great for exposure.
  3. You get to place two links back to your music related website within the article (Links to non music related sites will not be published). One of those will be placed above the protected area of this site, so will receive search engine love and make your website stronger (Please refer to the guidelines below for full details on this).
  4. Build your connections. It’s always handy to build up your music industry links, so why not build up a relationship with us? Who knows what doors it could open for you in future…

Guest Posting Guidelines

Please read the below guidelines, then fill in the below form if you agree.

  • You can only submit a guest post if you are actively involved and have experience in the music industry. If you’re a marketer just looking for a link to a random website, this is not a opportunity for you.
  • Any articles submitted will either be published on this website or Independent Music Advice at my discretion. You will be informed on where it will go once I have seen it.
  • The article you write must be a ‘How To’ one we haven’t covered before (Use our search form in the sidebar to check), or a ‘7 Ways To’ / ‘Top 5 Reasons You Should’ type article. It must of course help musicians in some way.
  • The article you provide must be 100% original and never published anywhere else.
  • Once the article is confirmed to be published on this site, you may not publish it anywhere else either.
  • I hold the right to refuse any articles which I don’t feel fit into my sites. If I decide not to use your article, I will let you know and you are free to use it elsewhere.
  • The article you give us music be at least 900 words long not including the title and your ‘About The Author’ section.
  • You may include two backlinks back to your website within the article. One may be within the first half of the article (This link will get search engine love as will be available for everyone to see) while the other link must be placed in the second half of the article. I protect the second half of all articles for members only (It’s free to sign up as a member) so people will only see that link if they go on to sign up or are already a member. If they put in the effort to do that, there’s a good chance they like the article and will go on to click your link.

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