Important: Why Musicians Wear Earplugs On Stage, And Why You Should Too!

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Why Do Musicians Wear Earplugs On StageIf you’ve seen a lot of live gigs, chances are you’ve seen some musicians wearing ear plugs. Why is this? And should you be wearing them when you’re doing live gigs of your own? This is what we’ll look at today, so have a read and be sure to put what you learn into practice. You’ll see why this is as the article goes on.

The Main Reason Musicians Wear Earplugs During Gigs

Many regularly gigging musicians wear ear plugs for one simple reason: To protect their ears! While this might not seem like a ‘must do’ task to begin with, let me assure you that it is.

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As well as your voice and / or hands being vital in terms of you making music, your ears are also a very important tool. You use them to hear what kinds of sounds you’re making, and you use them to judge what is and isn’t worthy of releasing to your growing number of fans. That said, in the same way you can damage your voice, you can also damage your ears.

You see, being around a lot of loud music can effect your hearing, and can eventually give you tinnitus. In short, tinnitus is a ‘ringing or buzzing in the ears’. While this doesn’t sounds like that much of a problem, is really can be. I know, as I’ve got it.

Mine was caused by performing gigs, hosting radio shows, and attending other people’s events and parties. The end result was a bad case of tinnitus, and a constant ringing in my ears day and night. While it wasn’t always apparent during the day, when night time came and there was no other sounds around, I was often kept awake for hours with what sounded like alarms ringing loudly in my ears. Not cool.

While I’ve gotten used to it now and don’t even notice it a lot of the time (Although annoying I still do at times), for a year or so it was a very serious problem. As you can guess, as I wasn’t getting much sleep. This lack of sleep and stress soon also started to affect other areas of my life and health.

The things is, there is no cure for tinnitus. It’s because of this that you should make sure you protect your ears from any damaging levels of noise.

While one option is to stay away from loud noise all together, my guess is you can’t do that if you’re trying to make it as a full time musician. The other option, is to get ear plugs which can help cancel out a lot of the harmful frequencies which would do damage to your ears.

How Earplugs Help Gigging Musicians Protect Their Hearing

While many musicians are more initially concerned with getting more CD sales, earplugs at important too, as they can help protect your ears from harmful levels of noise. They are designed to do this without hindering your ability to hear, as of course you need to hear what you’re doing to make good music.

Although these earplug will help filter out harmful noise, they still allow you to hear your voice clearly. This can make it easier for you to perform, especially in noisy venues where your voice may have otherwise been drowned out. Excessive noise drowned out, your voice as loud as it needs to be. Nice.

The more you protect your ears during live gigs, the less likely it is you’ll damage your ears in the longrun.

What Should Your Look For When Buying Earplugs?

Different types of ear plugs perform differently. Some will block out different amounts of noise, some will be clearer then others. But how do you know which ones are right for you? Well, here are some things you should take into consideration when picking out your ideal pair:

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  1. Ttbone456 says

    Gee I dunno. It seems to me especially if you are a harmony vocal group, I think you need to hear everything coming out of the floor and speaker monitors, and having both ears plugged up can be a disaster. Does anybody out there know what i mean?

    • Shaun Letang says

      I guess it dependent on the situation. You’re right in the sense that using them wouldn’t be ideal in every situation. But if the music is really loud, I suggest you find a way to make them work. Your ears are worth more then that.

  2. says

    I have tinnitus from loud music and working around F-16s while in the USAF (even with double hearing protection – earplugs and earmuffs). Wear earplugs. These earplugs are excellent, they muffle sounds, but still allow you to hear clearly.

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