Music Books

Here are a selection of music business books and ebooks. Some are free, some are paid, all are great. Perfect for the musician looking to learn new skills and theory.

Music Books

Here are some of our best books:

The Independent Musician’s Survival Guide

This is the ultimate guide for any independent musician that isn’t where they want to be in their music career. Learn how to not only survive the tough music industry, but what’s needed to flourish and do well as well. A must read.
Buy On Amazon Kindle or as a physical copy.

Free Music eBooks

All of the below music business ebooks are free to download onto your computer or phone right away! They are all PDFs, so click to download right now. Just be sure to read them. 😉

P.S. You can now get more free music business ebooks here!

Music Career Killers

Want to know the top 20 reasons musicians fail and what you can do to make sure you don’t fall for the same mistakes? Then you need this ebook. Download it for free now. Written by Chris Rockett.
PDF Download.

More music books on the way soon, stay tuned for the latest.

Note About Our Music Books

All of our music books and music business ebooks come in different formats. Some are available in print / hard copy format, while others are Amazon Kindle books or PDF download ebooks. Please be sure you know which you are downloading before you buy. All of the free music books are either in PDF or Kindle format.

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