How To Sell Music On iTunes – Also Get On Amazon MP3, Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster And More

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How To Sell Music On iTunes, Get On Amazon MP3, Spotify, Rhapsody, And NapsterToday we’re going to show you how to get music on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, Spotify, and a whole load of other online music stores using Songcast (Free to create a account). We’ll also look at what you need to do once you get your music on these sites, and how to make the most of your music being on iTunes in terms of making more sales.

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How To Get Your Music On iTunes, Spotify, Napster And Amazon MP3

In all honesty, getting your music on iTunes and the Amazon music store is very easy to do. All you need to do is create a Songcast account using the link above, and they’ll pretty much guide you through the rest.

Songcast is a online music distributor that distributes your songs to all the big online music retailers. It allows you see all your stats and sales in one place, and pays you monthly for any royalties you make.

The reason I like this method is because you don’t have to go to each online store separately. You simply:

  • Create a Songcast account,
  • Upload your music and cover art,
  • Write the title and description,
  • Click ‘send’.

Simple right? This is only done once, and they handle everything else such as file conversions and sending your music to all the different sites from there. This is much easier then going round to each online shop yourself and submitting your information and songs each time. What’s more, it also means you get paid out a lot quicker too.

And that’s how to sell music on iTunes and Amazon MP3. Simple right? You can get started with creating an account now and uploading your music right away. While you’re uploading, you should also check this guide on how to get your music on Shazam.

What Are Some Of The Platforms You Can Sell Your Music On Using This Online Music Distributor?

OK, so we know that Songcast is good, and is probably the best way to easily get your music on iTunes. But what other online music websites can it get you on? Well while this isn’t a complete list, here are some of the bigger stores you can sell your songs on using this online music distributor.

Getting your music on all these sites doesn’t require any additional effort on your part, but it increases your reach and exposure. The more chances people have of finding you, the better. That said, once your music is on these sites, you should only personally focus on promoting your music on one or two of them. We’ll look at why this is later.

What Are Some Other Digital Distributors Your Could Use?

While Songcast is a good option to go with, there are a few big digital distributors around. Each offers different features, so have a look and see which is best for you.

Why Getting Your Music On iTunes Will Help It Sell

Get Your Music Distributed Online To iTunes and Amazon MP3Before I go any further and look at what needs to be done to effectively sell your music on iTunes, I want to quickly look at why selling your music on iTunes particularly could help increase your sales.

If you get our music business newsletter, you may know that we recommend doing most things on your own website. When it comes to selling music online however, I suggest you give people the option of buying it directly from your own website and on iTunes. There are a few main reasons for this:

Having Your Music On iTunes Can Boost Credibility

While it’s not hard to do, getting your music on iTunes can provide you with a load of credibility in people’s eye. Many don’t know that it’s incredibly easy to get on iTunes, and give you more respect if you manage to do it. This respect will lead to them being more likely to listen to what you have to offer, and will in turn make you more sales.

People Trust iTunes

Believe it or not, a lot of people are still wary about ordering things online. They may only order from bigger companies they trust, and may not want to order from smaller sites that they know little about.

As I’m sure you know, Apple iTunes is a big and well respected digital download provider. Giving people the option to buy your music on here will mean you could potentially save sales from people who don’t feel comfortable buying directly from your site.

People With iPods and iPhones Find It Easier

Those of your fans with iPhones and iPods will be accustomed to buying music through iTunes. As there is a huge amount of people with these devices, it makes sense to provide for them. Any barrier you put between the customer and your music could potentially lead to the loss of a sale, so make the process as simple as possible for people.

People Can Preview Songs Before They Buy It

Another great thing about selling your music on iTunes is people get to preview your song before they buy it. This leads to customers having a much better idea about what they’re buying, and allows them to buy with more confidence. This, as long as you’re providing a good quality product, will once again lead to more sales and less refunds.

In conclusion, Apple iTunes already has a load of users, many of whom won’t consume music in any other way. This market is too big to ignore, so making your music available on iTunes is a absolute must…

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  1. says

    Nice post… Great work… This is very great idea to sell music on itunes. This post is very beneficial for my brother because he is doing work in this line.

  2. John Waweru says

    I’m kind of fearful of using SongCast, is it really safe? because I don’t want to give them my music and having someone steal it. Just tell me if SongCast is safe and if you used it. Thanx

    • Shaun Letang says

      John, you have nothing to worry about. Songcast is 100% safe and is a well respected company. I’ve used and worked with them before, and highly recommend them. :)

      • John Waweru says

        You calmed some of my fears but if you’ve used SongCast how come I can’t find anything under your name on iTunes

        • Shaun Letang says

          Because I use them for my clients (Who are musicians) not myself. I’ve had literally 1000s of musicians who have signed up to them through my recommendation, and I’ve never had one complaint. That said, if you don’t feel comfortable using them, that’s fair enough.

          • John Waweru says

            Thanx. I’m going to practice and get my craft down now and putting the finished products on SongCast. I’ll definitely mention you and your amazing sites

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