Sell Your Music And Distribution

Once you've made your songs, you'll need to distribute it so people can buy a copy. The following guides all help you either get your music out there and into shops, or look at how to sell your music.

How To Get People To Buy Your Music

Selling your music online step by step

If you’re anything like me (and a lot of other artists) you’re not a natural salesperson. I’ve had jobs in sales and I hated them. But they were valuable learning experiences that pushed me out of my comfort zone. Even if you don’t have a natural aptitude for it, being intentional about improving your ability […]

An Introduction To Production & Library Music, And Can Producers Earn From It?

Introduction to library music

Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about production music. Specifically we’ll look at what it is, how realistic it is you as a producer can make money from it, and how the business model works. We’ll also look at whether you can only put pre-recorded compositions into these catalogs, or if companies require original […]