Music Product Creation

Products you can create in your music career include singles, albums, physical CDs, membership sites, mixtapes, EPs and the like. You'll get information on all of these here.

How Many Tracks Should A Mixtape Have?

A long or short mixtape

If you’re thinking of making a mixtape or are already in the process of doing so, you’ve probably asked yourself how many tracks you should put on it. Should you go for the approach of having a large number of tracks? Or should you have less tracks, say 10-15, like a lot more rappers are […]

How Many CDs Should You Press Up For Your First Independent Album?

Replicated Music CD

There’s not many better feelings then having all the songs from your debut album or mixtape finally finished and compiled. You have something complete to show for all those months of songwriting and recording, and you’re close to letting your fans hear what you’ve been working on. As well as looking for places to promote […]

Home Studios Vs Professional Studios, Where Should You Record Your Music?

Home recording studio vs professional studio

Hey guys, today I’m going to look at whether you should use a home recording studio or a professional studio when it comes to recording your songs. ‘Recording songs’ can come in many different forms though, so specifically I’ll be looking at which you should use in each of these situations: When recording vocals of […]