Music Marketing

Music marketing is what this site is all about! If you don't market your music, you won't get very far in your music career. Read all of the below (or at least those guides relevant to you) and start properly marketing your music today. You can see a top guide on the subject here.

23 Quick Fire Music Marketing Tips

23 music marketing tips

Looking for some quick ideas on how to market your music? You’re in luck, because there are a lot of different ways to get your music out there, especially with the help of the internet. Here are 23 quick fire music marketing tips that you can begin using right away. If you want something more […]

How To Get Local Press Coverage For Musicians And Others

Get your album reviewed local press coverage

Landing press coverage can be a daunting task. You know it’s an important component to promoting and marketing your career, but compared to the other marketing strategies required of being an independent musician, it can feel like this one in particular takes up the most time. And has the least amount of results, especially when […]

How To Start A Podcast To Promote Your Music

Make a podcast for musicians

Podcasts continue to rise in popularity, providing musicians, businesses, marketers, and alike with opportunities to connect directly with their audiences. If you’ve ever thought about podcasting to promote your music – or if you have had the desire to learn more about podcasting – you’re in the right place. In this guide, you will learn […]