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Music Industry How To is the ultimate online learning resource for musicians of all levels and in all genres. We teach you how to effectively promote your music, increase your fanbase, make more money from your music, and much more. To get the most of this site, you’ll need to sign up as a member. […]

How To Make Promoting Your Music Fun!

Making promotion enjoyable

Now I know to a lot of musicians, the word ‘marketing’ is a scary term. The thought of going out there and trying to get people to listen to your music is a scary concept. Because of this, it’s often pushed back and more time is made for the easier (and more fun) task of […]

How To Produce Music Like A Pro

Free online music production course

Do you want to become a better music producer? Or even just get started with the basics? Well you’re in luck, as I’ve created an epic guide for both beginner and intermediate music makers. On this page you’ll find important steps to becoming a music producer. Namely: The skills you need when learning to produce […]